by xrchz

(This is actually a draft, but I don’t see the disadvantages to publishing early yet.)

  • Prevent people who don’t want to die, like me, from dying. Similarly for low-quality life, e.g. due to health. (How to state better?)
  • Accumulate resources (too vague?), mainly money because it’s fungible, but also friends and reputation/influence?
  • Get PhD. (Why?)
  • Remove worldwide trade barriers. (Don’t understand this well enough, either? Is there anything seriously theoretically wrong with free markets?)
  • End software patents, and ameliorate copyright law. (Don’t understand this well enough?)
  • End worldwide poverty, hunger, disease. (Subsumed by quest for healthy longevity.)
  • Implement the best theoretically known institutions, including self-correcting facilities.
  • Prevent existential events (a la Lifeboat). (Subsumed by quest for healthy longevity.)