Hack This Human

An experiment in collective rationality.

Month: July, 2012


(This is actually a draft, but I don’t see the disadvantages to publishing early yet.)

  • Prevent people who don’t want to die, like me, from dying. Similarly for low-quality life, e.g. due to health. (How to state better?)
  • Accumulate resources (too vague?), mainly money because it’s fungible, but also friends and reputation/influence?
  • Get PhD. (Why?)
  • Remove worldwide trade barriers. (Don’t understand this well enough, either? Is there anything seriously theoretically wrong with free markets?)
  • End software patents, and ameliorate copyright law. (Don’t understand this well enough?)
  • End worldwide poverty, hunger, disease. (Subsumed by quest for healthy longevity.)
  • Implement the best theoretically known institutions, including self-correcting facilities.
  • Prevent existential events (a la Lifeboat). (Subsumed by quest for healthy longevity.)


My values are complex. So when I try to write them down here, I am counting on you, dear reader, to already share so many background assumptions and preferences. They will probably seem trivial as a result.

  • Fun, also known as enjoyable experiences, joy, good times. (Theoretically I don’t care where the experience happens, but I have a strong intuitive pull towards caring about my experiences more, even though I am no one.)

Actually, that’s probably it. All the rest are derivative. Don’t worry, we’ll get to something concrete and realistic soon!

I should list the kinds of values I think are derivative, because I may be wrong about that, and because it gives a clearer picture of what I actually value.

  • Life, sentience, health. (Prerequisites for fun.)
  • Freedom, liberty. (Leads to better institutions.)

Hello world!

I am wary of identity and want to act rationally. Consider my personality (memories, habits), skills, and personal circumstances as potentially useful tools. My plan is to:

  1. Write down my values and goals, which I believe are largely shared by you (might get into why later),
  2. Write down things I should do and how my actual behaviour differs (hopefully that will help me correct the deviation), and,
  3. Get community input about better goals, better behaviour, and better ways to make myself do it.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do to most effectively achieve your goals? I am in my shoes, and I don’t think I’m achieving my goals effectively. So I want to let you have a go instead (and clarify what I’m doing by writing more of it down).